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About Me

My name is Abby Dickey, and I am a Organizational and Leadership Coach, as well as a Learning & Development consultant, who supports executive and other leaders inspire their teams and organizations to drive impactful business outcomes. 

I completed my Master's Degree in Learning and Organizational Change and my Organizational and Leadership Coaching Certificate from Northwestern University in March 2023.

Prior to pursuing my Master's and becoming a Learning and Development Manager, I spent about 7 years in Sales leadership positions for technology and recruitment companies. This experience has allowed me to understand various industries and the experience of executive leaders, which will be instrumental in my current and future coaching relationships.

I believe we all have opportunities for growth, and it's critical to understand and articulate our personal visions in order to move forward in our personal and professional development. I look forward to partnering and guiding with leaders to help them reach their full potential - whatever that may be.

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I'd love to connect to hear more about your story and journey. Please reach out to connect further.


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