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Coaching Vision & Philosophy

As a coach, I strive to be a collaborative partner that guides my clients toward their personal vision. I offer opportunities for my clients to gain better insights into their strengths so that they can continue to build their leadership skills and remain authentic to themselves. Similarly, I offer my clients strategies for overcoming challenges and barriers they might be facing, all while knowing my clients don't need me to be complete - I am simply a sounding board, resource, and thought partner guiding them towards their goals and desired outcomes.

My goal as a coach is to be supporting, positive, and trustworthy. Confidentiality, mutual respect, cooperation, and courage are of the utmost value, and all of my clients will be seen as a whole person - not just a manager, director, or CEO, but a partner, daughter, mother, or father as well. There is much that shapes a person in their daily lives, and I value anything they bring to our coaching relationship.

The Purpose of Coaching

  • Help others grow and develop in order to reach their desired outcomes

  • Empower individuals

  • Increase engagement

  • Build personal awareness

  • Make progress toward specific and measurable goals

The purpose of coaching is to celebrate accomplishments and continue to expand positive influence. I do not believe that the purpose of coaching is to prove whether or not someone is a valuable leader or to solve the problems of an individual, team, or organization. Rather, coaching is meant to provide the tools to reach desired goals. As a coach, I bring in various elements of positive psychology to ensure we are building upon strengths in order to address areas of development and reach new heights.

What to Expect in my Coaching

Should a client choose to work with me as their coach, there are a few things that they can always expect from me:

  1. We will work together to set clear and measurable goals for the coaching engagement, as well as each coaching session. These will not be goals for my benefit, but rather will be meaningful to the client, and I will help us remain on track as needed.

  2. When necessary and applicable, I will bring in assessments and resources that might help my clients gain a better understanding of self, and/or how they might be perceived by others.

  3. I will be present and free from distractions or judgment, and will ask clear open-ended questions while allowing my clients time and space to reflect.

  4. I will share observations and thoughts with permission from my client, and I will work with my clients in a collaborative way to design next steps and action items in order for them to reach their goals.

  5. My clients can always expect mutual respect and confidentiality - this is their time for development, and we are in it together.

My goal is to help my clients achieve their goals, whatever those might look like. As a coach, I will always show up, be my authentic self, and work collaboratively to help my clients achieve greatness.

Credentials, Certifications & Experience:

  • Organizational & Leadership Coaching Certificate, Northwestern University

  • MS in Learning and Organizational Change, Northwestern University

  • BA in Organizational Communications, DePauw University

  • Talent & Leadership Development Manager

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