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Adaptability is the Name of the Game

One of my biggest takeaways from the MSLOC 451 on-site intensive was how important remaining adaptable and flexible are to coaching.

Adaptability and flexibility must show up in many ways. As a coach, it's important to be prepared for anything that a client might show up with. We might believe that they need help with one specific area, when really the conversation and expressed need could go a completely different way than we might have prepared for. Having a plan is great, and being able to adapt and throw out that plan when needed is what makes a great coach.

Additionally, as a coach, I need to be flexible and adaptable enough to meet clients where they are at. That can be from a learning perspective, from a growth perspective, where their mental models lie, or their communication style. No one person is the same, and having the ability to adapt when necessary will continue to allow me to help my clients grow and develop.

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