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Are we "Immune to Change"?

Immunity to Change by Robert Kegan Lisa Lahey has been one of my favorite books and topics to learn more about. The fact that it is so challenging to change, regardless of desire, motivation or incentive, is absolutely fascinating to me. To me, I think Immunity to Change and the method that Kegan and Lahey have developed for adult learners, is absolutely critical for leaders to be successful. Leaders need to take a “mental x-ray” of their mindset, and understand how to apply techniques in order to work towards real meaningful change and transition from a socialized to self-transforming mind both personally and professionally (Kegan & Lahey, 2009).

After taking 420 in Spring 2021 and reading Immunity to Change, I knew that coaching others through this process was something that I would be very passionate about. My goal as a coach is to use the immunity map as a tool with clients, as well as other members of my team that I am working with my informally. I think it’s critical to challenge our assumptions as to why we “can’t” change, and continue to confront what’s holding us back in order to continue to grow.

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