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Knowing Your Identities

Updated: Jun 4, 2022

The concept of understanding my own identity is not something I would have spent much time on if not for MSLOC. In a previous course, I spent a lot of time better understanding my own culture, identity, and the way my identities show up either as the "oppressed" or as "the oppressor." It can be a challenging and uncomfortable exercise, no doubt, however it also opened up my eyes to realizations I never even thought about.

Bringing an understanding of identities into coaching is critical. It helps us have a baseline understanding of how we might show up, what our assumptions are, and where we might struggle. It also helps us better understand how we believe our clients are perceiving us, and how to fight through that internal battle. As a younger woman, I often feel that executives, especially men, that could be potential clients might feel that I don't have the proper experience that can help them. However, understanding my identities and how I show up, as well as the purpose of coaching, can help me be more confident and understanding throughout those relationships.

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