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(Pre)Contracting as a Coach

Throughout my career when I've thought about contracting, I've pictured a very long legal document that contains terms and conditions of an agreement. This type of contracting is extremely sterile, and quite honestly not something I've looked forward to engaging in. It's a "necessary evil".

I know understand, especially in a coaching relationship, there is much more to contracting than T&Cs. Contracting provides an opportunity to get to know a client, and to allow them to get to know you. It provides space to better understand desired outcomes and expectations, set clear boundaries, and determine fit. Contracting in a coaching relationship is also a time to understand how goals can help reach a vision, and begin to lay the groundwork of the future coaching/client relationship.

This type of contract is much more appealing and exciting to me. It provides an opportunity to better understand a potential client and their challenges, and it provides me an opportunity to enter into a more meaningful partnership with another person. I no longer dread contracting - on the contrary, I am looking forward to this part of the coaching journey!

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