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OLCC 2022 Opening Session

I really enjoyed the 2022-2023 cohort kickoff for Northwestern's OLCC program! It was great to get to know members of this group (pictured below) better, and I think the day made me extremely excited to get started on this coaching journey.

I learned so much during this opening session, and walked away with much to reflect on. However, my biggest reflection point was better understanding myself as a coach. In the past, I've always considered coaching as something a person does to help others, with various frameworks and tools to guide the coach in the right direction. However, I now realize how much work must go into personal emotional and social competencies in order to show up as the best possible coach for others.

As I continue this journey as a coach, my goal is to constantly be recognizing how my competencies are showing up in interactions in both my personal and professional life. I believe this will help me practice how to appropriately respond in various situations, which will lead to more impactful coaching in the future.

As we continue to move forward throughout this year, I'm really excited to practice what we've learned in the cohort kick-off session, and continue to better understand the four dimensions of coaching - competencies, process, principles, and identity.

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